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"Providing Excellent
Customer Service is Our
Please  do not  hesitate to contact us with
any questions or concerns in regards to
the products and (or) services
represented  on  our site.
(727) 934-0945

We are committed to providing you  with  services  that  you are confident in  using.
We want  you to be fully informed about the information  that we collect and why we
collect  it.  It  is  our  hope  that, after  reading  this notice,  you will understand  our
commitment  to  privacy  and be   confident   that   we   will   use   your   information
responsibly.  By accessing this Site or otherwise  using  American Linkage services,
you  are  accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy will  change from time to time to reflect changes  in  how  we  do
business  and changes  in services available to you through our Site. We show the
effective date  at  the end of  the  Privacy Policy. You may access the  most  recent
policy  by clicking on the Privacy Policy link on our home page.  We encourage you
to check our privacy policy from time to time.

We  collect and use information about you where we  reasonably believe it will help
us administer our site  or  provide  products, services or other opportunities to you.
Among  other  things,  we  use  the  information  we  learn  about  you  to  help   us
personalize and improve the  experience  you  have  with  us,  to  respond  to  your
requests and  to communicate with you. The  types of information we collect, retain
and use include the following:

Site Use Information

In  general  you  are  free  to  visit  our  Site  anonymously,  without  telling  us who
you  are  or revealing  any information about yourself.  Our web servers may track
and collect  the domain  names  and IP addresses of  visitors and  this  information
may be aggregated to measure the number  of  visits,  average time spent  on  the
Site,  pages  viewed,   etc.   We  may  use  this  information ("behavior profiles") to
measure the use of our Site and to improve the content we offer on it.

You are  not required  to register in order to access  our  Site.  However, you  may
choose to register on  our  Site  to  be  able  to access  to  certain  portions of our
Site by providing an email address (which  you  select).  If you choose to subscribe
to  our  mailing  list   we  will  collect  your  email address  and  ZIP  code. You  can
subscribe  to  our  mailing list  to  receive periodic  newsletters  about our services
without registering on the Site. The information we collect helps us to  identify  you
and  to personalize  our  services   to you.  When  you  register  on  our  Site  your
email address may be linked and stored on the Company's servers  in  the  United
States.  If  you send  us an email, our email server will store your email address for
a limited amount of time and then delete it.


We  may  provide  links  to  non-American Linkage sites.  We  are not  responsible
for  those   other sites, their  privacy  policies  or how  they  treat information about
their users, and we advise you to check their privacy policies.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to modify, alter or  otherwise  update  this Policy  at  any time,
so we  encourage  you  to  review this policy  from time  to  time.  Changes  to  this
privacy  policy  are effective  at the time they  are posted and  your continued  use
of our sites after posting will constitute as agreement to be bound by the  changes.


If you have any questions about our privacy  policy and  practices, please  contact
our Privacy Officer:

TEL:  (800) 864-9269

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(727) 934-0945
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