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There are two (2) ways you can order.


No doubt, the quickest and easiest way to order is to simply give Chuck a call and order your
custom linkage(s) over the phone.  This is especially helpful if you are wanting to utilize any
club discounts, specialty colors, or just wanting additional assistance from an expert.


You can also order here on this site using our Shift Linkage Customizer TM.  Not only will the
customizer guide you through the customizing and ordering process, but it can also give you
a pretty good idea of what your linkage may look like.
(727) 934-0945
How Do I Order a Custom Shift Linkage?
How to Install My Shift Linkage?
How to Change-Out the Lens?
Absolutely.  Quantity discount price of $175 each if order 5 or more at the same time.
(Includes SS linkage, SS Teflon® rod ends, SS bolts, engraved lens, 12v LED light strip,
basic wiring. We can make bulk order various colors, as some clubs have requested.

For example: One color for Officers, another for regular Members, another for Prospects...
etc. We can add titles to lenses as space allows - we have thinner lettering fonts available.
(Pres, VP, Enforcer, Road Capt, Prospects, and so on). If a member changes their position -
just order a replacement lens - and change the lens out with the linkage still on the bike. Any
other questions we can answer to help get this going quickly for you and your club - just email
or call us.
Do You Offer Discounts for Clubs or Bulk Orders?
Well, it's not "IM-possible", but it really depends on the logo.  As you may have seen in our
photos section, there are a few shift linkages that do actually have images on them.  

If you are interested in having an image included on your order, you'll need to call us directly to
see if it is something we can actually do.  Of course additional charges may apply as well as
increased turnaround times.  
Is It Possible to Add a Logo to a Linkage?
Call for details
(727) 934-0945
American Linkage Logo with American Flag